Museum Docents (Volunteers)

volunteerThe Children's Peace Pavilion, on the average, touches the lives of approximately 4,000 visitors each year. The majority of our visitors come in groups larger than 10 people, so it is with these groups that we need the most frequent help.

There are two ways to volunteer:

• Call-as-needed volunteer
• Specific day volunteer

Most groups that visit the Pavilion are here for about two hours. As a Museum Docent, you will be asked to assist or interact with the visitors in one of the four peace concept areas.  If we do not have a tour on the day you choose to volunteer, there are always numerous tasks that need to be accomplished in preparation for a tour.

Volunteer Training

At your leisure, come visit the Pavilion (call ahead to make sure that we know you are coming) to observe other museum docents in action. Watch how they interact with visitors and learn where to find materials for restocking exhibits. Also, see how groups are divided and how the time is monitored for each group. After this visit, you will be on your way to becoming a "Museum Docent."

As a museum docent, you will work closely with the Pavilion staff to encourage visitors to play with everything, answer questions they might have, restock materials for exhibits, introduce children to the concepts of peace, and/or facilitate a puppet show. You will need to familiarize yourself with the four concepts of peace.

You will also need to complete a youth worker training session. This training lasts about two hours and can be scheduled at your convenience.

For more information on how to volunteer, see our volunteer brochure, call 816/521-3033 or e-mail us.  To apply, see the Museum Docent job listing at